How To Advertise A Mobile Rpg And Acquire More Users In 2022?

Player spending in the open-world adventure subgenre increased by 3.5x last year, a category in which Genshin enjoys little to no competition whatsoever. External communication isn’t just for the benefit of consumers, it extends itself to other brands and influencers too. Make sure you strategize around legal implications, for example, specify in influencer contracts that your brand will be doing paid media promotion using their content. You’re basically creating a marketing plan—a written document outlining the overall marketing strategy for your brand. It’s likely you’ve been working in a siloed manner previously, and developing clear objectives is the perfect place to start when beginning your integrated marketing campaign journey.

As we discussed previously, mass gaming adoption has allowed advertisers to reach a wide range of audiences across the world. When targeting your advertising to your most relevant audience, you must understand the psychology and behaviors of your key personas. Coupon ads provide users unique voucher codes to redeem prizes and discounts in the real world. This online-to-offline strategy targets advertisers focused on driving foot traffic with physical brick-and-mortar locations. Raid Shadow legends is a fantasy-themed, turn-based role-playing game. While all three publishers relied heavily on video-based ads, there were some notable differences.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

Every YouTuber is now sponsered by this thing, and ever mid roll add is one for either this or that Game of Thrones game. Manage your shortform project team and assets to ensure a smooth production with tight deadlines. Review media with collaborators and clients to gain swift approval. raid: shadow legends advertising budget What’s worse is that because AI strategy isn’t clever enough to present a challenge to human players, the game compensates by making AI heroes impossibly strong . A few hours into the game there’s an enormous difficulty spike that only increases as one moves up the ladder.

In 2021 the Mid-core category continued to dominate on the revenue side, bringing 45% of all In-App Purchase revenues in mobile markets . The overall IAP revenues reached nearly $15B, which is 16% more than in 2020. This report wouldn’t be possible without the help from our friends at Sensor Tower.

Influencer Marketing And Ugc Advertising In 2022

As your integrated campaign progresses, measuring should always be a focus. Analyze at every juncture; when things are going well, when they’re not, and use every moment as a learning opportunity to ultimately optimize your campaigns in future. Think carefully about how you integrate and implement your marketing strategies.

But the mobile game is perhaps best known for its “aggressive” marketing strategy, which seems to revolve around endorsements from popular YouTubers. The bottom 25% of action games got very little revenue per paying user – about $1.5 on average. As expected, day 28 retention was lower for all action games than day 1 and day 7 user retention. This metric will tell you the percentage of players who come back after one week of playing. Expect that it will be lower than day 1 retention since some users tend to lose interest in games pretty quickly.

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For the top 2% of action games, day 1 retention rates were consistently high throughout 2020. However, they were the highest during March – June (an average of 46%). Day 1 user retention is the first sign of how well your game is doing. If most players don’t come back after the first day – you’re in trouble. This means that it’s probably best to cut your losses and move on to the next project.

raid: shadow legends advertising budget

You can also use Mobile Action, SensorTower, or AppAnnie competitor libraries. Productive Habit Tracker, a productivity app helping people “build a routine of positive, life-changing habits,” mimics UGC so well it includes the “actor portrayal” disclaimer. This ad appeals to users seeking a sense of accomplishment, emotional benefits, and social proof.

This ad appeals to users seeking expertise, consistency, and feeling understood. UGC on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are driving profitable UA across app categories. Get expert recommendations on advertising with user-generated content in our new TikTok UGC Ads Creative Guide for 2022. We’ve talked about the specifics of why integration is critical, how different marketing channels can actually interact, and how to actually formulate an integrated strategy yourself. That said, integration across multiple channels in a competitive landscape that moves at hyperspeed isn’t as easy in practice as it is in theory. Determining what your campaign will cost and how the money will be allocated across media channels is as important as your overall objectives.

There’s no music, but there’s a narrator with sound effects from the game. It includes the AFK Arena logo and their catchy slogan – AFK and chill. This is a crucial step if you want to reach a global audience and expand your user base.

The decision to incorporate international talent increases capabilities for clients. It also improves the rate at which a company can grow and mold teams into globally flexible workforces. There may be apprehensions about working with international talent.

Not only that, but app store optimization is a free way to get your role-playing game in front of new users. It should be an important part of your overall user acquisition strategy. When advertising your role-playing game, make sure to keep these characteristics in mind because this is your target audience. It makes no sense to create an ad campaign that caters to casual gamers because they are not the majority of your audience.

Mobile Rpg User Retention Statistics

Games with proper IP integration, like Scopely’s Star Trek, are safe from this bubble. Last year’s comets all had IP integration as part of their marketing strategy. Top War, which increased yearly net revenues by nearly $200M, had Transformers. The Fun Plus’ State of Survival, which made nearly half a billion Dollars in 2021, worked with both Walking Dead and Joker. Lilith’s Rise of Kingdoms on the other hand decided on a niche IP, integrating Ninja Gaiden and in the process losing their number one spot in the genre. Despite the low level of concentration and over a dozen games crossing $100M in net revenue, 4X games are notoriously difficult to build, operate and scale.

Our white paper 2022 Creative Guide to Influencer Marketing and UGC Ads shares expert recommendations on influencer marketing with user-generated content. Data from the white paper is summarized in this infographic Influencer Marketing and UGC Advertising in 2022. Many of the video ads incorporate several types of assets and art styles at once. The still shots below show several art styles that were utilized in one high-performing Genshin Impact cinematic trailer on Instagram. This ad focused on one character’s personality, style, and capabilities in battle. The game has had an important influence on the mobile action genre and is largely responsible for the massive boost in mobile action game revenue in 2021, reaching $966.8 million.

Users will quickly lose interest if they don’t feel an ongoing sense of progress. Create the experience of rapid and achievable progression by implementing smaller stages marked by rewards rather than large stages that take a while to complete. Continually update the storyline and unlock new content as the user progresses. A user’s first session should incorporate a tutorial that is highly engaging, interactive, aesthetically pleasing, glitch-free, and easy to use.

In each instalment, we consider how well a developer has designed its in-app purchase retailing to work alongside the overall gameplay and metagame experience. Welcome to The In-App Purchase Inspector– our regular look at free-to-play mobile game monetisation from the consumer’s perspective. Verizon estimates that video game playing was up 75% during peak hours in the early part of the lockdown.

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The most recent #Ads of the Week features a sponsored stream from two video games and a motor oil company. GMHikaru, a professional chess player and streamer, held a sponsored segment with Auto Chess; a chess-like strategy game mod for Dota 2. The partnership with Hikaru is the perfect relationship to target an audience interested in strategy games. Auto Chess is likely allocating more marketing budget to sponsored streams in an attempt to steal market share from Teamfight Tactics, its biggest competitor.

Translating that success to a younger generation, who may not even be interested in a field that is no longer viable, wastes valuable digital marketing ad dollars. Yet sadly, that is how most digital marketing agencies do higher education marketing. Over the years, digital marketing agencies have tried to fix the bad reputation of higher education marketing, both from the schools they serve and their student enrollees.

  • This creates a very healthy sug-genre that is welcoming for new games.
  • The smartphone screens have grown significantly over the years making games with touch-control d-pad the norm and thus Sniper games obsolete.
  • Video ads for AFK Arena use a formula that’s prevalent in ads for many other game genres.
  • Granted, if you’re an indie developer or a small game studio, that level of production is probably unattainable.
  • In this article, we’ll break down the core elements of an integrated video game marketing campaign and why they’re important.

As we’ve grown our international team, we’ve been thrilled to tap into this exceptional talent pool coming out of Mexico. Pin headlines or descriptions to control where they appear with the caveat that pinning will reduce possible combinations. Content pinned to Headline position 2 and Description position 2 may not show in every ad. Critical text that should appear in every ad must be pinned to Headline position 1 or 2. Contact us at to discuss the benefits of adding Paid Search to your marketing mix.

Lastly, Punz held a sponsored stream playing Raid Shadow Legends. The mobile game has certainly made its rounds across almost every channel with sponsored content. The extensive campaigns have cemented the Raid Shadow Legends name as commonplace for the gaming community. Additionally, the #ad generated a decent audience proving there is still interest in the mobile title. However, other mobile titles like PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire are still more popular on western platforms.

Shooters Have The Same Amount Of Players As Hypercasual Games

In general, day 1 user retention of 35% or more is considered good, so that’s what you should be aiming for. If it’s less than that, you need to identify why users stop playing after day 1 and work on improving your game. If your mobile RPG is good and you create video ads that show users what makes it fun to play, success is inevitable.

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Here’s what will happen – you’ll notice certain ads don’t perform well at all, while others produce astonishing results. You should upload at least two headline ideas and one description idea . When it comes to image, video and HTML5, you have the option to upload up to 20 of each of those assets. You also need to add your app from the list and choose a campaign name and target bids.

Cloutboost is a data-driven, full-service agency with years of expertise across influencer marketing, paid media, and PR. Get in touch today to learn how we can help propel your brand to success. Fortnite made gaming influencers a key component of its marketing plan from day one, focussing heavily on Twitch streamers and YouTube gaming creators alike to generate a buzz in gaming culture early. Now one of the biggest games ever, Fortnite still recognizes how PR and influencer marketing work together to great effect.

Like Riot, EA made good use of video ads — but its channel strategy was much more diverse than Riot’s. While all ten of its top creatives in December were YouTube or OTT ads, Instagram was actually EA’s #1 platform to advertise on. A third (33%) of EA’s advertising budget in December went towards Instagram, followed by desktop video (24%), Facebook (19%), and OTT (16%). Todd Sitrin, EA’s general manager of competitive gaming entertainment, explained to Digiday that the brand has “taken a mainstream entertainment approach and tried to bring it to gaming”.

Raid also features a lot of bundles, of which the $10 starter pack particularly good value. An even better deal is the $30 daily pack, which drops shards and other rewards every day for a week. The first thing that impresses, however, is the game’s sheer graphic quality. It’s all about collecting and levelling up a four-man squad of fantasy characters and that is made very clear from the get go. Best known for 4X games such as Vikings and Stormfall, (and its$500 million acquisition by gambling outfit Aristocrat in 2017), Israeli developer Plarium has always experimented with new genres. This electronic file is for the personal use of authorised users based at the subscribing company’s office location.