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Existek is one of the rare providers that can transform a pure idea that started on a napkin into a custom software that meets all needs. Their reach technical and business expertise allowed them to come up with suggestions that added significant value to the final results. The project was completed on the tight schedule and without exceeding the budget. I would definitely recommend Existek as a reliable adviser and executor for all your software initiatives. They contributed to the general system architecture, showing us how something could be done better or faster. After a few weeks, we didn’t feel like we were working with external developers.

Project management tools reduce the need for email follow ups and boost productivity. The tools help ensure transparency on a daily basis by enabling you to track the progress of your software development project and to monitor your tasks. Establishing the primary and secondary goals of your software development project is crucial.

We provide offshore programming services for customers all over the world. The main office is located in Ukraine — well known as an IT outsourcing country in Central Europe. PNN Soft is one of the most experienced development companies in Ukraine with 20 years of working in the international IT market, thousands of completed projects and efficient, stable working solutions. All of our high-skilled specialists use the most reliable, proven, modern technologies and practices. Choosing an offshore development company should not be based on price. In the event the quality is compromised, you may end up paying a significant amount.

Ensure The Final Product Is Scalable

Their ability to transform ideas into results and adapt to customer needs made the collaboration smooth and rewarding. This helps to get a clear idea of what and who is needed to obtain optimal results. For example, web and mobile app developers and designers alone do not make up a software development team.

PNN Soft offers Web, Mobile, Desktop Applications Development, UI/UX Design Development, QA, Testing and Supporting of products. We have implemented many efficient and stable working solutions for market leaders from the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, and other countries. To find more information about our completed projects – please, review our Portfolio. The full list of services you can find on theSolutions and Services pages. We focus on flexible, high-quality, custom-fit solutions that address your time-sensitive requirements to ensure sustainable savings over the lifecycle of your software and applications. Kanda’s outsource software development resources can be applied on-demand or used over an extended period of time as a predictable, low-cost extension of the clients’ own software development team.

Kanda assigns a project manager who is responsible both for managing the development process and for communicating with you. This gives you the most direct view of and involvement with the project’s progress and the quickest path to overcoming any hurdles that arise. Kanda recognizes that the way users interact with the system is just as important as the system’s functionality itself. Kanda’s graphic designers and engineers develop interface prototypes and enhance them jointly with you and, when appropriate, with representative end-users to insure the most straightforward and intuitive user experience. We will help you design, develop, optimize, test, support and maintain it achieving your time-to-marker goals and business objectives.

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We have created the app for data collection for iOS and Android Operation System. It is perfectly suited for small-to-medium network size IoT applications. Kanda’s products are “built for change” as we are well aware that the need to enhance a Web solution usually arises even before the solution is out of the gate.

  • Development of technology for the measurement of acceleration speed car using GPS and accelerometer.
  • Existek developed mobile apps based on existing CRM and ERP systems, mimicking their functionality and integrating everything in a single database that employees can access with any device while in the field.
  • Developing a system for power stations to collecting, processing and accounting for electricity from remote industrial meters.
  • We ensure your satisfaction with clear acceptance criteria and conduct a complete knowledge transfer at the end of the engagement period.
  • Creating a mobile application that allows you to analyze the status of various parameters of the engine and the car in real-time using a smartphone.
  • Our expertise lies in creating empowering design thinking-led digital transformation.

Whenever we have had a query or want to work on a new project with Existek, Oleg gets a detailed response back to us very quickly. Through systematic analysis of customer’s business needs, Kanda develops a detailed understanding of corresponding functional requirements and translates those into technically feasible functional features. We provide access to the skilled workforce to meet your business needs at cost-effective pricing. World class infrastructure can handle Software Development, Web & mobile app related projects of any size. We release a new version every 2-3 weeks, so we can respond to user’s feedback and needs much faster. This approach reduces time to market significantly and overall boosts user satisfaction.

We expertly manage long-term, open-ended engagements as well as well-defined, fixed price and time-sensitive projects. Choosing to build a software application or digital solution that cannot be scaled in the future is not a good choice. It is recommended that you look for an offshore development partner that can recommend custom software development that can satisfy your current needs as well as provide you with a scope for future scaling. We provide custom offshore development team configuration to best satisfy unique clients’ needs and budget.

A knowledge sharing session is the first step in any engagement, in which the business objectives, purpose, and requirements are discussed with the development team. Ensure your idea is clearly communicated and understood by engaging in a detailed discussion. If the team does not have any concerns, questions, or arguments and tells you to fulfill every requirement, that’s a warning to step back. In other words, the team did not fully understand the requirements due to their lack of expertise. Start with identifying the existing problems within your business ecosystem. Doing so can help you come up with an idea of resolving those problems with a solution that you can develop.

Neetable has successfully delivered top-tier software development solutions to many businesses worldwide. Through our dedicated offshore development center, we can assist you in reaching your business objectives. As the leading offshore development company, we have a workforce of skilled professionals and workstations equipped with the latest tools. Offshore software development is the process of hiring a third-party software development company from another country to handle some or all of the software development tasks. For an e-commerce project you require web app development services. We provide offshore software development services from simple business applications to complex distributed systems for different industries.

Having a project that is compromised in the end and forced to rework is the last thing we want. Software development costs are also dependent on the complexity of solutions, the technology used, and many other factors. Ultimately, it is an expensive affair that will pay handsome returns in the long run. Companies are constantly under pressure to develop software within tight budgets and more efficiently.

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Identify the areas where you can cut costs when you create a budget. Establish a budget to develop a Minimum Viable Product if you are looking for investors, and present that in order to get finance prior to the next stage of your development. Even in small or medium businesses, setting a budget beforehand saves a lot of money. The business process automatization with digital solutions plays an essential role today.

offshore outsourcing software development company

It can be run not only in the web browser, but the same code can often be used for desktop or mobile application. We reached out to Existek looking for the provider who’d be able to solve some specific technical challenges. Leveraging their excellent technical expertise they have developed solution that added value to our products.

How To Launch An Odc Project?

It is imperative to confirm whether their core services are included in the software development category. You may request previous works of a similar nature, references, case studies, or a demo. Never choose a company with no work history, as they cannot prove their experience or technology know-how. As technology and time demands have changed, offshore outsourcing has evolved to remain competitive. Due to ongoing innovation, some tech giants have begun outsourcing significant projects to remote teams in order to complete their daily tasks or project requirements. When we design and develop web and mobile applications, we focus on reusability of code.

offshore outsourcing software development company

Also, we implement the development of web resource Imed for systematization of information on medicines and pharmaceutical goods assortment. Because of this, companies should know the project-execution methodology. By having a clear understanding of this, it becomes easier to balance the time, cost, and scope of the overall software development project. Companies are increasingly outsourcing some software development tasks or the entire project to offshore developers. By outsourcing the development of software, you can save time, effort, and money on hiring, and maintaining a dedicated team of software developers. The dedicated development team creates a dependable mobile solution for master data management of the markets.

We allocate resources to scale up and down quickly based on software development lifecycle or client needs while minimizing overhead costs and maximizing efficiency. Unlike other Software Development Outsourcing companies, our US-based Leadership is ready to engage with clients on-site as needed. Neetable is a web and mobile app development firm, with HQ in USA and India, enabling success stories worldwide. We help build impactful digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and Startups. We deliver what you need by building quality, nextgen, market-ready software. Our expertise lies in creating empowering design thinking-led digital transformation.

Prior to actual coding, Kanda develops an overall product architecture and identifies individual modular components as well as existing Kanda tools and third party tools to be used. This approach reduces the overall development time, minimizes the integration process, and improves the product’s testability. We are executing rapidly to ensure that all of our commitments are met – and all of Kanda’s partners remain happy with us.

Why Kanda?

The majority of web and mobile app development companies specialize in certain skills. A clear understanding of what lies ahead can help in making offshore outsourcing software development company the necessary customizations for a successful project. In today’s market, there are numerous companies that offer marketing and branding services.

Why Neetable Should Be Your Choice As The Best Offshore App Development Company For Your Business?

It’s said that Clutch is the most reliable place to find customer reviews and feedback. Browse the websites of top web development companies, their ratings, and even their portfolios and work. We always work to achieve customer`s goals and business empowerment by offering high qualified Dedicated Development Teams. PNN Soft Company guarantees the security, confidentiality, high quality, and timeliness of completed orders.

Several top companies put trust on us with having 360 degrees IT solutions and work accordingly. The result is then transferred to the client at a predefined terms. We received your request and really appreciate your interest in our company.

You can find offshore software development companies on platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms. See if their website has a high rating, ranking, domain expertise, etc. Check out the company’sa LinkedIn business page where you can see internal details such as company profiles and people who work for the offshore development company.

We have the ability to do as little or as much as your team needs — from providing incremental software development resources to managing the entire development lifecycle. Our expert team works from consulting to development, deployment to marketing and gets end-to-end customized solutions to work under one roof. We are expert in delivering the qualitative experience with keeping in mind the edge in your business over your competitors. Our Offshore Software Development Center is geared up to deliver the best solutions as possible. You have come to the right place if you are searching for the perfect outsourcing development company to partner with. They have always been professional and diligent in designing and supporting complex .NET applications for us.

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Continuous learning keeps our staff up-to-the-minute on the latest technologies and methodologies in development, quality assurance, AI, Big Data, DevOps and Cloud. Let us look at some of the key points to consider when choosing an Offshore Development Company or ODC. This will help you to find and choose the right offshore software development partner with an effective engagement model based on your needs. Existek developed mobile apps based on existing CRM and ERP systems, mimicking their functionality and integrating everything in a single database that employees can access with any device while in the field. Despite being an unknown industry, Existek delivered a high-quality solution with clean code, providing several suggestions for its improvement along the way.

In fact, we don’t just think about how to get your software project built, we also plan how the project will be measured, tested, and deployed. Quality assurance process starts with the commencement of the project, not at the code freeze date. QA engineers participate in the product design process to ensure testability of the final product. Furthermore, QA engineers conduct unit testing and integration testing in accordance with an overall QA Plan and use both hand-testing and automated test tools .